Better Habits for a Better Bladder

The common problem of incontinence is a frustrating one, but it is certainly made easier to deal with by using adult nappies. However, even if you use this product, you probably want a way to have more control over your bladder. Whether you have seen a doctor or not about the problem or not, the tips we’ll offer here can still come in useful and help you start to experience more regular bladder control.

Perform Kegel Exercises

Part of the reason you may not be able to control your bladder very well is because your pelvic floor may be damaged, weak or inadequately exercised. You should be working the pelvic muscles in order to regain some measure of control. We can’t guarantee that doing Kegel exercises will be enough to get your bladder back on track, but it can definitely help most people who struggle with incontinence. You need to make sure that you do them on a regular basis and the correct way, if you want the best results.

Pee Regularly

You may not always feel like you need to pee throughout the day, and then it just happens and you’re thankful for the adult nappy you are wearing. One solution to this problem is to simply try to pee several times a day. Pick a regular time each day that you can go to the bathroom without interruption. You probably want to choose three to five times each day to set aside for this task. By doing this, you will not only reduce the chance that you will pee uncontrollably, but you will also regulate your body to where it may be able to expect when it needs to urinate and not do so as a surprise.

Opt for Water

Too many people drink soft drinks, coffee and other sugary and carbonated drinks. It’s better to avoid those as much as you can, if you fight to control your bladder. That’s because those kinds of drinks can make your urine concentrated and more difficult to control. If you go with water instead, you will have more control over your urine and be able to decide when you want it to come out.

This is a great healthy living move too, as drinking more water and giving up soda and coffee for water can go a long way toward improving your overall health. Drinking water instead of sugary drinks fights obesity, diabetes and illness of all kinds. You don’t necessarily have to drink more often or drink greater quantities of liquid than you did before. You could if you wanted to be healthier, but you could also end up needing to pee more often. Instead, just drink water in place of unhealthy beverages, and you will see a big difference in your health and your bladder control. Obviously, the more sugary drinks you give up, the more profound the improvement will be.

Exercise More

Once of the better ways to fight incontinence is to get out and do some more exercise. You will reduce stress factors that contribute to incontinence, and you will lose weight, which makes it easier to control your bladder. Exercising also helps your body to function the way it is supposed to, especially if you haven’t been getting enough exercise lately. Many times, just getting up and getting outside to do some walking, jogging, weight lifting, playing sports or some other activity can be enough to make a huge impact on how much control you have over your bladder.